We’re excited to see you all…

We are scheduled to reopen on 12th April.

Reflecting back over the past year we are very thankful for everyone's continued support over such a difficult period. At the start of 2020 if you'd had told us that our industry would be forced to close for 6 months out of the next year, we would have simply said that can't and won't happen.

All the team at Stone are very grateful for the continued kindness and confidence that all of our clients have placed in us by coming into the salon in the periods that we have been allowed to open. So we thank you! All of our fabulous, wonderful, special ladies and gents.

We have a sense of cautious optimism that this time will have been the last time we closed the salon doors. Also we are hopeful that the date of the 12th April will be adhered to for reopening the salon.

Our manager Jenny will be starting the process of rebooking over the next weeks, please be patient as this takes time with hundreds of clients to help. We have 3 months of cancelled appointments to rebook and we understand everyone is desperate, we will be working tirelessly to see to everyone as quickly as we can.

We can't wait to get those salon doors open, we are looking forward to seeing you all darlings!

Trevor & Loucas